3D Effects 

  • Wormholes Part 1 (github pages)
    First try and two different versions of my Wormhole Effects made with Blender 3.
  • Wormholes Part 2 (github pages)
    This is the second attempt with another technique to create Wormhole Effects with Blender 3.

3D Models

  • Teleportals (sketchfab)
    Some Teleportals created and or ammended by me with Blender 3
  • Snake (sketchfab) 
    An animated 3D Snake model created from scratch by me with Blender 3
  • Rat (sketchfab)
    An ammended and animated 3D model of a Rat with Blender 3. It features 4 different animations.

UnrealEngine Plugins 

  • PlayerStartPlugin 
    The PlayerStartPlugin for the UnrealEngine lets you easily change the current PlayerStart from the Editor settings while development.
  • Visualize Input Event Plugin
    The Visualize Input Event Plugin enables you to show the pressed keys, mouse clicks and game pad events. This is specially helpfull for making videos and tutorials.
  • TeleportSysBase Plugin (comming soon)


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