3D Development
Suake3D is actually a variant of an app I often use to get familiar with a new technology or programming language I try to get into. It all started at programming school with the first variant of Suake where I was creating a clone of the well known game Snake which use to be preinstalled on all the early versions of the Nokia Mobile Phones. The goal and flow of the game is to steer a snake wich can grow when eating goodies around the screen without touching either the border or itself. The more goodies you eat the longer your snake gets and the faster it moves around the screen. You earn points with each goody you eat and enter a higher level after eating a certain amount of goodies.

After creating multiple versions of this "Snake Hello World" of mine for almost every programming language I learned I wanted something more, something to spice it up a little and so the idea of "Suake3D" was born. Suake3D claims to be a clone of the well know Snake game with theme and feature inputs of the classic 1st person ego shooter Quake.

Suake3D also requires you to collect goodies but the snake also can collect weapons and ammo and also shoot them. This becomes interesting when playing Suake3D together with other players in the multiplayer mode. The game also features themes, images, sound effects etc. from the game Quake 3 (unofficially, sorry). Check it out, the early gamers will most likely have a little smile on their face when seeing Suake3D for the first time.

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