Code Project articles of Kim David Hauser

This are some pretty old but maybe still useful open source projects for Microsoft Windows of me on Visit an overview of all code project articles here or choose one of them in the list below.

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

MBtn2DblClick (26 Jul 2010)
A small but handy mouse extention I use every day. It converts a wheel or middle mouse button click to a double click.

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File Version Changeron Code Project

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File Version Changer (18 Apr 2010)
Easily change the version of a Visual Studio Solution file from Explorer. With only 2 clicks

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

Evaluate C# Code (12 Oct 2005)
Lib & Utility to run C# code on the fly. Include the library into your projects.

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

Open CMD from Windows Explorer (18 Apr 2010)
Shell extention to open a console from the current location in Explorer

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

MASM ImageFader (19 Jan 2013)
Hide context behind an image and fade it out on mouse over so you can access the hidden context

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