The Waypoint Webservice is used for data exchange between Waypoint DB and client App and implements the SOAP protocol for communication. This version is based on the NuSOAP framework.


MySQL Database

Waypoint uses a MySQL Database for data storage. The current MySQL server version 5.5.x and up are supported.


Beta Waypoint Server (Important)

At the moment the only available Waypoint server is reachable at

You have to apply for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

After the beta phase a final PHP Server will be available for download so you can install it on you own website. You still will be able to use as your Waypoint server. Costs may apply.

However using as Waypoint server at the moment is totally free of charge.


Joomla Frontend (future preview)

At this time you can choose between two smart device apps for data manipulation and presentation - Android and iOS. But it´s planed to build a Joomla component for web (browser) based access.




PHP Webservice & MySql DB

  • Direct download of Waypoint PHP Webservice & MySQL DB (Source code - soon available)