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You can visit the Night shift chess apps in demo mode to try it out and get an impression of the features and functionality. If you like it you can download the PHP project and MySQL DB and install it on your own server. Supporting and liking the App is very welcome.

Idea and conception

While playing chess all night long in our chess club more on a friendly basis, the idea came up to keep track of the played games and results to have a more detailed overlook of the actual progress of each player and compare the skills and strength against each other. Since I'm a programmer by nature, the option to create a mobile web app was the only real choice in compare to keep track of the games on a piece of paper.


"Night shift chess" is a web app mainly intend for reporting chess game results for the Night shift chess club Zuerich of which I'm a member of and also includes many of my good friends and and good colleagues. The basis of the app is a responsive web site developed with PHP, Javascript and MySQL. For simplification I also used the Bootstrap framework as well as JQuery and CanvasJS for the reports and charts. For using the web app on mobile devices like Android phones / tablets as well as iPhones and iPads I also created a wrapper app with Cordova which is available in the Google Play Store (Apple App store is coming soon).

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