The latest project of mine for the social department of the city of Zurich, Switzerland. This Web-App is a neat information tool for the K&A locations in Zurich. Its main intend is to show opening hours, special hours, special closings, one on one situations and to provide the clients a possibility to give feedback to the staff.


News for K&A

This page shows the actual news for the K&A in Zurich. You can view only the recent news, or select to also display older and archived news.

Newspage of kundainfo.ch

(News page of kundainfo.ch)


Feedback for K&A

With this page, the clients have the ability to send feedback to the K&A team. Currently, only about the app … but it’s planned to advance the function to send in proposals and positive or negative feedback about the different K&A or the staff if they wish.

Feedbackpage of kundainfo.ch

(Feedback page of kundainfo.ch)


Infos and Credits for K&A

The info page displays some general information about the terms and conditions and how to use the app. You’ll also see the privacy policy, the disclaimer for usage and the version history as well as the credits for the used resources for this project.

Creditspage of kundainfo.ch

(Creditspage of kundainfo.ch)


The Web-App is implemented using the following technologies:

  • PHP 8, Slim 4.11.0 Framework, Bootstrap 5
  • MySQL 8.0.33
  • Twig 3 (HTML 5), jQuery 3.7.0 (Vanilla JS) and CSS 3

Download Google Play Store

kundainfo.ch - Android App

You can find an Android Kick-start App for the Web App in the Google Play Store. This App places a shortcut on the home screen of Your mobile and crank up the kundainfo.ch Web App in a Web View. The App is basically a wrapper and functions as a shortcut.


The Author of this Web-App is Kim David Hauser